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Finding the Best Flat Roofers in Toronto

Replacing or repairing a flat roof takes special skills and materials that differ greatly from those required for sloped roofs. A flat roof will have a maximum rise of 10 degrees, which slows the ability of water and snow to run off. This increases the need to create a waterproof barrier and protection against the elements.
Traditional flat roofs were constructed using the gravel and tar method of alternating levels of both materials to create a strong weatherproof barrier. New methods for installing a flat roof involve the use of durable rubber compounds such as built up torch down membrane consisting of two layers.
The materials used to create a weatherproof flat roof are different than sloped roofs due to the unique challenges that are present with flat roofs. The best flat roofers in Toronto will have the expertise necessary to repair all different variations of flat roofs as well as the skills necessary to install a new flat roof using top quality materials.

Repair or Replace?

Having a leaking roof can be a very stressful situation for a homeowner. A leaking roof can cause structural damage in the home and lead to many other costly repairs. It can be confusing for homeowners to know with certainty if a leaking roof can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced.
The expert advice of an honest roofing company can prove invaluable by removing any of the confusion over whether the current roof can be maintained or whether a new roof is necessary.
The best flat roofers in Toronto will provide honest and professional roofing advice to help homeowners make the best decisions for the continued well-being of their home. This includes suggesting only the work that is necessary and answering all questions about the work that is required.

Quality Service and Workmanship

When repairing or replacing a flat roof, quality and workmanship are imperative to the long term protection of the home. The best flat roofers in Toronto are BBB accredited and utilize the highest quality materials. They also take the time to perform premium quality work without cutting corners.
If a new flat roof is being installed, the roofers should have expertise in installing flat roofing membranes (EPDM or TPO) using highly specialized methods such as torch down.  The torch down method is a very effective method of installing a flat roof, but it requires experience and skill to properly execute.
Receive honest advice you can trust and high quality work that lasts; trust your flat roofing needs to the best flat roofers in Toronto today.

Best Toronto Based Flat Roofers!

Best Toronto Based Flat Roofers!
Best Toronto Based Flat Roofers - Flat Roof in Toronto

Roofing Type: 2-ply torch down membrane

Roofing Square Footage: 500 sq ft

Duration of Roofing Job: 2 days to complete

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