Cedar Shake Roofing in Toronto Combines Beauty and Strength

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What are the Advantages of Cedar Shake Roofing?

The use of cedar shake roofing in Toronto homes is increasing, for a variety of reasons. Beauty, strength and practicality are cedar’s top qualities.
Start with the first – beauty. Cedar is a natural-looking roofing material that allows a home to blend beautifully with its natural element. Depending on the architectural style, the roof is often one of a home’s most visible elements, so it makes sense to use a material that is sympathetic to its surroundings. The natural honey and cinnamon tones of cedar are hugely attractive and, as the roof ages, it gradually turns to a dignified silver-grey.
The beauty of cedar combines with great strength. Cedar shingles and shakes have low density and shrinkage. They lie flat, stay straight and hold their fastenings. Western Red Cedar is also a tough wood and contains natural preservatives that to some extent resist moisture, decay and insect damage. If properly cared for, the material is long-lasting. Cedar shingles generally remain viable for at least a decade longer than asphalt roofing – and shakes much longer than that!
Cedar works well under almost any climatic condition. It offers improved air circulation and resistance to strong winds and bad storms.
Cedar is flexible. The wood used is initially cut in long, lightweight strips. The grain is straight and uniform, making it easy to cut, nail and fit.
Perhaps surprisingly for a natural product, cedar has exceptional insulating properties. Cedar shakes and shingles keep a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
And, finally, cedar is eco-friendly. It’s a renewable resource. It is up to two times more energy-efficient than asphalt shingles, allowing for great energy bill savings.

Disadvantages of Cedar Shingles

Alas, no roofing material is perfect. Cedar shingles and shakes are more expensive to purchase and install than asphalt. (This is also a plus as well, as it means your home’s value is enhanced). Cedar can suffer from moss, mould, mildew and fungi, which, if not attended to, can make the roof unsightly. Being a natural product, if the integrity of one area suffers, it will affect the entire roof. Extraction of single shingles is difficult. Regular maintenance is essential. Cedar roofs should be professionally cleaned every five to six years or zinc strips could be installed at ridges to prevent moss, mould, mildew and fungi from appearing. Wood shingles are generally less fire resistant than other materials, though they can be treated.

Roof Warranties

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. When contracting for a new roof or repair of an existing one, attention must be paid to the warranty that the contracting company offers.
A good warranty will specify a period from the date of signing, covering the roof from leakage due to improper workmanship or ordinary wear and tear of elements. The materials – be they defective due to workmanship or manufacturer – should be repaired or replaced at no extra expense to the consumer. All materials used should be warranted by the manufacturer for the period indicated in the contract.
Installation and maintenance by an expert roofer can preserve the many positive attributes of cedar shingles and shakes for decades. As a result, cedar shake roofing in Toronto will continue to grow in popularity.


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