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When the Worst Happens...

The life of emergency roofers in Toronto has become more "exciting” over the past few years. The winter of 2013-14 was perhaps one of the most weather-active in the city’s history. A damaging ice storm sent limbs and trees crashing onto homes. A polar vortex created some of the coldest weather in history, which affected the viability of roofs. There was heavy snowfall and fast run-offs. In short, the city weathered just about every factor that could raise a need for emergency roof repair.
With roof damage or leaks, it is crucial to get skilled emergency roof repair the moment "stuff happens”. Any delay can cost more in repair expenses and will compromise the structural integrity of your building. In Toronto, there are companies who specialize in emergency repair, beginning with an assessment of damage, estimate of the cost of the solution. They can then get to work on the problem immediately. The involvement of a reputable repair company will increase the likelihood that your insurance claim will be accepted.
Existing warranties on roofs may or may not apply to exceptional damage. Most warranties cover the original work done and the viability of the materials used. Given the apparent volatility of Toronto winters, the extent of your warranty and home insurance should be of immediate concern to you!

Roof Repair – What It Might Include

In addition to emergency situations created by unique situations, such as ice storms, there can be important ongoing roof repair situations. These include:
  • Damage to shingles from wind and flying objects.
  • Buckled and cupped shingles, caused by moisture beneath shingles. (Loosened areas create an entry point for moisture).
  • An aging ridge caused by the weight of too many roof layers – also a sign of more significant problems in the structure.
  • Dirt and debris, which attracts moisture and decay.
  • Overhanging trees dropping debris and encouraging moss and mildew as a result of the shade they provide.
The foregoing problems can be discovered during regular inspections of the roof. Other problems and tasks can arise during the actual installation of a new roof, including the removal of the old roof, tearing off of shingles and felt paper underlay and removal of nails. If the sheathing of the roof itself is damaged, it must be removed. (Damage to roof sheathing is generally caused by problems around a roof seal area – the chimney, vents, skylight or other flashed objects).

Types of Roofing and Durability

There are, of course, a variety of roofing types and some are better suited to Ontario’s varied climate than others. Asphalt shingles are versatile and durable. Wood shingles and shakes are even sturdier – especially the thicker shakes. Metal roofs can last up to fifty years and are built to withstand strong winds and moisture. And, finally, a roof made of slate has great durability and can last up to a century.
But, in all cases, expect the unexpected to happen – and be prepared to engage the services of emergency roofers in Toronto.


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