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Most of us hardly give a thought to the roof over our heads. A good roof, professionally built from high-quality roofing materials, is designed to make sure your life is easier, so it’s no surprise that it’s only when things go wrong that we really start paying attention to it. Once you start to look at your roof in detail though, you’ll find that what you thought was just a simple element of your home entails a lot of questions when it’s time for repairing your roof or replacing it entirely. The selection of roofing materials alone can be surprising to many people, ranging from traditional wood or asphalt shingles to the use of modern synthetic materials, such as ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM. Flat roofs are quite common in commercial buildings, and some residential sites use them as well for their ease of construction and the associated spared expense, but they do have their own unique requirements as well.

All Piled Up With Nowhere to Go

In places with lots of precipitation, such as Canada, rain and especially snow buildup are top of mind due to the havoc they can wreak on an improperly installed or maintained roof. Any material that is less than durable could be punctured or sheared by changes of size from season to season or by the weight and nature of the snow and ice building up on them over the long winter. GTA roofers who use EPDM know all about that, which is why they often choose this thin, lightweight yet impressively durable roofing material to keep the outdoor elements where they belong. Not only can it easily deal with the pulls and stretches that a building goes through over the course of a Canadian calendar year, but it is strong enough to withstand all the snow, sleet and melt that nature can throw at it.

Light on Weight, Light on Cost

Normally, the catch that always accompanies new technologies that prove to be surprisingly effective is that they’re also surprisingly expensive. Luckily, this is not the case with this great, low-cost roofing option. Despite the easy-to-swallow expense involved in using EPDM, you don’t sacrifice anything on lifespan because the material often lasts as long as four or five decades. When you don’t have to pay much for a new roof, and you can expect it to last nearly half a century, you know you’ve found the right choice for your roof replacement.
Although choosing the right material to replace your old roof is a big part of the picture, getting the right local roofer to install it and help you through the process is even more important. A good roofing company in the GTA will put customer service first, making sure that you’re satisfied with everything about the products that you’ve paid for, whether they’re new EPDM flat roofs or a different material or design entirely. Quality is most important to all of us, and the workmanship that goes into a project is how you get high-quality results every time.


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