Searching for Flat Roof Contractors in Toronto Can Feel like a Needle in a Haystack, but Keep These in Mind and You’re Sure to Find Someone Incredible.

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Whether you’ve got a commercial property or a uniquely designed residential unit, repairing or replacing a leaky flat roof in the GTA can bring its own challenges. You don’t want just anyone tackling such an important job, and choosing the right one from the list of flat roof contractors Toronto property owners have to choose from is vital. When you need a roof repair, but don’t know where to start in finding a local roofer, keep a few things in mind to help your search along.

Big, Tough and Delicate

Any flat roof repair near Toronto is going to have to keep in mind the wild swings in temperature from summer to winter, and the collection of sometimes huge amounts of precipitation on top of whatever material is used. This makes roofing a tough job. There are lots of factors at play, lots of things to keep in mind, and lots of challenges to foresee and overcome. It’s also a delicate job. The tiniest puncture, tear or abrasion in the roofing material could spell disaster, not to mention the headache of having to have the repair job done all over again. For a job like this, you want a roofing contractor who is both knowledgeable of their craft and extremely conscientious about their work. Their attention to detail can be gauged in a lot of ways, including their policy and commitment toward workplace safety for their employees; the level of cleanliness at which they expect their workers to leave your property, both at the end of the day and the end of the job; and what types of protection they offer you as a homeowner, both in terms of liability insurance and physical protection against damage and injury from falling debris.

Standing by Their Work

When you contact your local roofing expert to discuss a job as big as the replacement of your flat roof, you’re right to expect that the person you hire is going to be with you for the long haul and stand behind their work. Warranties on materials are good, but not enough. You need a company that will offer full coverage of their handiwork as well. The best local roofing companies are confident enough in their skill that they will come back and repair anything that needs it within the entire term of the warranty, which ideally should be at least 8-10 years. If they’re not willing to come back and fix any mistakes that they ended up making during the initial repair, they obviously don’t have a lot of confidence in their own work, and you’d be better off looking elsewhere.
There are plenty of flat roof contractors Toronto home and property owners can turn to for their roofing repairs, but by keeping important points in mind while looking, you’ll be sure to track down the best. And with a job as big as your roof replacement or repair, why would you want to settle for anything less than DVR Roofing?

Flat Roof Contractors GTA

Flat Roof Contractors GTA
Flat Roof Contractors GTA

Flat Roof Installation in the GTA - Job Details 


Type of Roofing Installation: 2-ply torch down membrane

Roofing Square Footage: 7,000 sq ft

Duration of Roofing Job: 2 weeks to complete

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