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The roof is one of the main components of any home. For homeowners in need of roof repairs, hiring an experienced contractor will ensure the job is done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Extreme weather, high winds, and storms can damage your roof, letting water and air seep through. Potential leakages can leave your home vulnerable to all types of disasters, so it is important to take care of the situation immediately. If homeowners suspect there may be a leak in their roof, they should attempt to locate the source of the leak.

How to Tell if the Roof is Leaking

Of course, the easiest way to identify a leak is to see the water fall from the ceiling during rain or snowfall. Other indicators of a roof leak include yellowish stains on the ceiling, penetrations in the roof, missing shingles, and black marks in the attic. If you are in the middle of a storm, you can use a flashlight to spot the leak, as the droplets of water will reflect off the shining light. Once you’ve discovered the leak and determined that it is coming from your roof, you can mitigate the damage by consulting a professional contractor to evaluate the leak.

Call a Contractor

A contractor can help determine all problem areas and points of leakage in the home. The contractor will then decide whether the roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Usually when a roof requires replacement, the underlying waterproofing liner (usually a type of building felt) is damaged. If this is the case, the shingles must be torn off before the protective layering can be stripped and replaced.

Act Immediately

Even if the leak in your roof is minor and not affecting the day-to-day activities in your home, it can still lead to major problems. Leaks can cause rotted framing, sheathing, mould, and damage to the insulation and ceiling. Over time, leaks can damage the value of your home and cause issues to the foundation. A simple leak can quickly turn into a much larger, more expensive home renovation project. If you suspect that your roof may have a leak, calling a contractor for an assessment can be the difference between a small repair and an entire roof replacement.
Minor leakages can cause major damages. If homeowners have reason to believe their roof may be leaking, its important to consult a professional to evaluate the situation and determine the best plan of action to preserve the longevity of your home. Consulting a contractor to assess the condition of the roof will ensure the leakage is well taken care of. If your home has a potential roof leak, acting immediately can mitigate future problems caused by water damage. A leak in your roof may also cause your energy bills to increase as well. Roof repairs in Toronto are always best handled by an experienced professional with the expertise to carry out a quality job in a timely fashion. 


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