What Does it Mean if My Roof Shingles are Curling?

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Many homeowners wonder when a roof should be replaced. Is it when your roof shingles are curling? If your home has had the same roof over its head for the duration of its lifespan with no issues, then you’re probably wondering the same thing. Some home repairs and home improvement projects can be put off, but shingles that are missing, cracked, or curled are a serious cause for concern for any homeowner. These are signs that your roof is nearing the end of its service life and if not repaired, can cause leaks and further damage to your home. If you do not take action immediately, small leaks can have major repercussions, including significant water damage, mould, even damage to the foundation of your home. These other damages can decrease the value of your home and jeopardize its longevity. This is why homeowners trust professional contractors to handle their roof repair, replacement, and installation projects.

What can a Contractor do for My Home?

Once a homeowner suspects that their roof may be damaged or leaking, it is important to consult a roofing company or professional contractor to assess the damage. The contractor will be able to identify all problem areas and points of leakage in your roof, and depending on the situation, will either proceed with a simple repair or replace the entire roof. When the entire roof needs to be replaced, it is usually because the underlying waterproofing is causing the leak. This means that the shingles or other building material will need to be removed and the underlying building felt stripped down before the contractor can re-roof. If there are any outstanding issues once the roofing material is removed (such as mould), these areas will need to be removed and rebuilt as well.
As you can see, expenses can add up quickly when undergoing home improvement projects, so it is important to meet with your prospective contractors and compare estimates. Beware of the cheapest offers or estimates, as these contractors are often more likely to cut corners during the job process.
One of the main cost considerations in any home building or home improvement project will be materials. Contractors can also help guide homeowners in terms of choosing building materials and design patterns that suit their home and climate. Building materials can add dimension, beauty, and durability to your home. Though shingles are the most common and affordable building material options for residences, many homeowners are enjoying the increased longevity and durability of cedar and slate roofing. However, it is important to note that some building materials are heavy and can impose too much pressure on the structure of the home. Some more common and modern alternatives to shingles also provide added elegance, beauty, and durability to any home.
When you notice your roof shingles curling, you know your roof is coming to the end of its serviceable lifespan. Rather than waiting until a leak or other issue occurs, homeowners are taking a proactive approach by replacing their roofs before disaster strikes. 


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