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For homeowners building a new home, the construction of a new roof adds protection, beauty, and value to their home. A roof can be one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a beautiful new home, but most importantly, it serves to protect everything underneath it, including your family. Deciding on roofers in Durham Region can be a difficult task, with many businesses seemingly qualified to do the work. First-time homeowners often don’t know what to expect during the construction process, so it’s important to understand what to look for in a potential contractor. When you have a list of potential contractors, you will need to talk to them, set up meetings, and compare estimates before deciding on whom to hire. Here are some questions to ask your candidates to help you decide on the best person for the job:

Do You Handle Projects of this Kind?

The first thing you need to determine about your potential contractor is whether or not they have the expertise to achieve the results you’re looking for. Some contractors may not have much experience working with different kinds of building materials or roofing surfaces. Working with cedar shakes and slate roofing materials requires a different sort of expertise than your standard shingled roof. The same applies for flat roofing.

Are You Available to Take On the Job?

Next, you will have to find out whether your contractor is available to complete the job within the time you need it finished. Some contractors have jobs lined up for weeks and months to come and are unable to take on your project. Once you have determined that the contractor is available, you can proceed to learning more about their work and process.

May I Have a List of Past Clients?

Asking for a list of past clients gives homeowners a realistic barometer of what kind of results to expect from their contractor. Satisfied customers are normally willing to spread the good word about results they are proud of.

Do You Offer a Warranty On Your Work?

The best contractors are confident in their work and will offer a warranty if anything goes awry during or shortly after the process if complete. Warranty information is also important to consider when comparing estimates from different contractors.

What Types of Building Materials do You Normally Use?

Quality results start with high-quality materials. Ensure your contractor is not cutting corners by asking the type of building materials they will be using.

What is the Estimated Budget for Completing the Roof?

Cost considerations are important for any home improvement project. Ask your contractor what they believe will be the total cost of your project.

What is the Estimated Timeframe for Completion?

The budget and timeframe for completion are two of the most important pieces of information you will receive from your contractor. The greater the accuracy of their estimates, the more comfortable homeowners can feel about their project being on schedule and on budget. Be sure to ask your potential roofers in Durham Region for estimates and compare accordingly. 


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