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For homeowners in the GTA, the roof of their home protects them from the rigors of extreme weather conditions all year round. Roofers in Scarborough have helped homeowners build beautiful, durable, and long lasting homes for many years. A secure roof also means that your home is airtight and watertight, ensuring that it runs at optimal energy efficiency by not allowing hot air to escape in the winter and cool air to escape in the summer. Different roof surfaces can also provide added energy benefits and increased insulation to your home. Most homeowners do not have to concern themselves with the state or quality of their roof until there is a problem. However, once damaged, your roof will require immediate action to prevent further damage to your home. This can mean taking on an unexpected and expensive home improvement project when you might not have the budget to do so.

Act Quickly

Leaving leaks unattended can cause water damage to your walls and ceiling. Even over short periods of time, mould can begin to build up, forcing homeowners to replace parts of the supporting structure as well. Under some circumstances, leaks can even cause damage to the foundation of your home. In order to stop these sorts of problems from compounding, homeowners are encouraged to take immediate action by calling a contractor to evaluate the damage and fix the leak.

Identifying Leaks in Your Home

Homeowners can identify leaks in their roofs from both inside and outside their homes. Check for yellow spots on walls or ceilings, as this may be a sign of dripping water. Also, storms and high winds can tear shingles off of your roof. Check for any debris in your yard after a storm. If you suspect there is a leak during a storm, you can shine a flashlight in your attic. The drops of water will reflect off the shining light, making the leak easily visible.

How to Deal with a Leak in Your Roof

If homeowners suspect their roof may be subject to damage or leakage, it is best to contact an experienced contractor to evaluate the situation. A contractor can help identify all the points of leakage in your roof, as well as any other problem areas that may have arisen due to water damage. Once the contractor understands the scope of the situation, he can determine whether a simple roof repair is required or if a complete roof replacement is necessary to make your roof secure for years to come.
Roofers in Scarborough have developed strong customer relationships based on quality work and service. When choosing a contractor to work on your home, it is important to check if they are municipally licensed and insured. Pay a visit to your local Better Business Bureau to see if they have received an accreditation for exemplary customer service or if there are any outstanding customer disputes. The contractor you hire must ultimately be one that you trust to work on your home. 

Scarborough Roofing Companies

Scarborough Roofing Companies
Scarborough Roofing Companies
If you are looking to renovate or repair your roof, consider hiring the aid of DVR Roofing.
Servicing Scarborough and the surrounding area, the team at DVR Roofing can help you start your next roofing project.
Offering a FREE estimate option and industry roofing knowledge, they can help you to decide which materials would best suit your roofing needs. From shingles or slate to cedar, your consultation with the team will result in your being confident with the job about to be completed!
If you have any questions about the roofing services provided or are interested in asking bout your FREE estimate, contact the team today!  
scarborough roofing companies
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