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The type of building materials you use for roof repair or replacement will dictate the style, aesthetic, and durability of your roof. Whether installing a new roof or replacing the roof on your existing home, choosing the best building materials possible is essential to achieving the results and look you’re hoping for. Building materials come in a wide variety of colours, styles, designs, and patterns, though these are not usually the determining factors in deciding on one type of material over another. Be sure to ask roofing contractors in Scarborough about the options available to you. Homeowners have come to value the qualities of certain building materials for how they look and perform in the real world. Below are some factors to consider when comparing building materials.


The budget for a project can sometimes impose limitations on what contractors can use. The most commonly used and affordable option for constructing a roof is shingles. Shingle roofs provide a low-cost alternative that does not sacrifice anything in terms of the look or protection it gives your home. Available in many styles, colours, and designs, homeowners can add elegance and beauty to their homes for a low cost. More expensive alternatives exist, such as cedar and slate roofing. When comparing the cost of materials, customers may pay more for greater durability, extended life-spans, robust warranties, and unique patterns or finishes.


For most homeowners, worrying about their roof is not something they want to do on a regular basis. Extreme weather conditions, high winds, and storms can damage your roof. Most roofs are able to withstand this natural wear-and-tear for some time before it begins to show. The average shingle roof can withstand normal weathering from Mother Nature. However, high winds and storms can blow shingles off, leaving your roof vulnerable. Materials such as cedar shakes and slate are stronger and more naturally resistant to extreme weather conditions and high winds.

Environmentally Friendly

Cedar shakes and slate are environmentally-friendly alternatives that provide lasting durability and longevity to your home. Cedar shakes can provide added insulation to your attic, ensuring warm air stays inside during the winter and  cool air stays in during the summer. Slate is resistant to fire, rotting, and insects, while cedar roofing will improve air circulation.


The average shingle roof lasts around 15 years, making it a very cost-friendly option for homeowners. Cedar and slate roofs provide added longevity and are able to last from 30 to 100 years with proper care and maintenance. These types of materials can outlast the homes themselves and can be reused or recycled afterwards.
For homeowners looking for added protection, durability, and longevity for their rooftop, cedar shakes and slate roofing provide great alternatives to the average shingle roof. Not only do they last longer, but they also provide your home with a more dimensional and natural look. Roofing contractors in Scarborough have expertise in installing many different types of building materials in their home building projects, ensuring that homeowners can expect good results no matter the material they choose. 


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