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The Shingle Life

Shingle replacement in the Toronto area, like most other major household upgrades, has a competitive but saturated market offering a slew of selections for both maintenance and aesthetic upgrades.  The repair options for each individual homeowner will vary depending on the area you live in and the extreme climates that particular area regularly battles.  Shingle replacement in the Toronto area would clearly need to stand up to the erratic weather of the notoriously harsh Canadian climate.  So what types of shingle are available in the Toronto area?  Most importantly, what type of repair would be best suited for a Toronto resident and the particular engineering of their home?

What Are Shingles?

Shingles come from the German word "shingel”, which literally means a roofing slate. The surface area of most residential roofing consists of roof shingles. These shingles, in the most basic form, consist of individual flat, rectangular or square-shaped, and overlapping elements installed from the bottom edge of the roof upward.  Each layer is then put over the top half of the previous shingle, creating overlapping rows that completely cover the roof’s surface area.  There are many types of materials that can be used for shingle installation and repair, which will again vary in regards to the particular built of the home.  Wood (specifically cedar), shake, slate, asphalt, metal, plastic, etc. are just a few of the popular shingle choices for residents of Toronto.

Are You my Type?

Finding which of these materials would best suit your building’s roof again depends heavily on the location and design of the structure.
The flame retardant characteristic of metal shingles, for instance, would make that type of roofing popular in areas that are more prone to fire.  The polar opposite of metal roofing would be plastic roofing.  Plastic roofing, though lightweight and inexpensive, is very combustible and clearly not an ideal choice for fire prone areas.  Slate or stone shingles, while expensive to replace initially, can last at least a century depending on the quality of stone used.  Metal flashing (impenetrable thin, metal sheeting) is installed along with the slate roofing to prevent, more thoroughly, the passage of water or its absorption, for an ultimate weatherproofing system.  Wood (cedar) roofing offers two different types, shingles and shakes with the main difference being that the shingles are incised and the shakes are split.  While aesthetically-pleasing and resistant to most extremities, wood is clearly an easily combustible material that has long been a fire hazard, and even banned in some places to prevent conflagration of buildings.  

Trust the Professionals

While shingle replacement in the Toronto area can be done by the home or building owner, roofing and shingling professionals are best suited for this particular repair.  The owner, though generally learned or textually educated on shingles, may not know the subjectivity, variances, and issues that may arise as a person specifically qualified and trained in that field most certainly would.  A civilian may not be aware that on the roof deck, some shingles can be installed on solid sheeting or on a general lath.  This is a major detail that most shingle replacement companies in Toronto would be privy to, as well weatherproofing and general maintenance.  Shingle replacement in not as simple as fixing a leaky faucet and should be dealt with correctly, from the beginning, to prevent further repairs and fees in the long run.


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