Slate Roof Installation and Repairs in Toronto

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The repair of slate roofing in Toronto involves many advantages and disadvantages.  The difficulty of repairing slate roof can be a very daunting task if not administered by consummate roofing professionals, and the cost can be quite high.  Slate roofing, while one of the most expensive forms of roofing, is also one of the most durable, weather-resistant, and long lasting.  The aesthetic beauty and longevity of slates plays a huge part in the decision to install this type of roofing.   What else does slate roofing repair and replacement consist of and why would this type of roofing prove more beneficial to a homeowner as opposed to other types of roofing?

The Case for Slate

  • Aesthetics/Appearances– There is no denying that the beauty of slate supersedes the appearances of most other types of roofing.  The wide array of colours, shapes, and sizes of slate allows the owner to carefully choose the classiest and cleanest pieces that best suit the shades, colours and texture of their building.  The explicit differences and nuances allows a specificity not generally offered by other forms of roofing replacement or restoration.
  • Combustibility– As opposed to other roofing material, slate roofing is completely fire-resistant.  As far as safety for the persons living inside the building, to have an outer top exterior impervious to flame is as beneficial a reason as any to have slate roofing installed.
  • Weatherproofing– Slate is made up primarily of what Stephen Marshak in Essentials of Geology (3rd edition) calls "a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism”.  This type of material is ideal for weatherproofing as it has an extremely low level of water absorption and a resistance to frost or freezing, ideal for the Toronto area.
  • Durability and longevity– Most professionals educated on slate and slate roofing agree that, if installed correctly, this type of roofing should last at least one hundred years, in sharp contrast to the twenty to thirty-year lifespan of other roofing types (particularly asphalt shingle).  So, while initially an expensive installation, a homeowner is actually saving on expenditures in the long run with a far superior roof.
  • Eco-friendly – While asbestos roofing tiles have long been extinguished or filtered out of mainstream use, other roofing types can be just as hazardous to the environment as well, with roofing materials attributing to roughly five percent of the waste brought in to landfills each year.  The lifespan of slate, even low quality slate, doubles that of the lifespans of most roofing types (again, specifically asphalt shingles), attributing far less to annual waste.
While it’s true that slate roof repairs in Toronto are a bit on the expensive side, the advantages of choosing this durable material clearly outweigh the disadvantages.  If installed correctly by professionals, the longevity, beauty, and weather resistance of slate stands alone as the best option for your home.  It offers a uniqueness available with only this type of material, catering to the distinct specifications of each owner’s humble abode.


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