Toronto Slate Roofing - Know the Advantages.

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The most common types of roofing - asphalt shingles and cedar shingles, have their advantages for certain. Asphalt is low cost, easy to install, and cedar confers a classic appearance and is resistant to storms and other such sources of damage. However, asphalt is easily damaged, especially in the extreme weathers that Toronto roofs often see, and cedar requires regular maintenance to keep in shape, and can be susceptible to rotting or growing mold, which can force a full roof replacement - an expensive problem! Ask your contractor about slate roofing, and whether it may the alternative for you. Here are some quick facts about slate roofing.

Slate Can Last Longer Than You

Slate roofing is durable - it has a water absorption index of less than 0.4%, meaning it is fully waterproof. This low absorption rate makes slate particularly impervious to damage from ice and snow - truly valuable in Toronto’s winter conditions. As it is stone, it is less vulnerable to fire than either asphalt shingles or cedar, and natural slate stone is unlikely to be broken in even the most extreme weather conditions. Slate tiles used in roofing can potentially last hundreds of years, with an average lifespan of 80-100 years, meaning that the roof you buy today could still be in use by your family for generations to come! In the rare event that slate does crack or break, it is simple to replace or repair - especially if your Toronto roofing contractors offer extended protection after installation! Slate is truly a long-term investment.

Slate Comes in More Colours Than You May Think

When you imagine slate, your first thoughts are probably of shades of grey, very much "stony” in nature. But slate can be found in a variety of colours - a full spectrum of greys, as well as purple, green, and even cyan to name a few. This means that no matter your taste and preference, you can find a shade to suit your building! And if that fails, greys can match any home’s colours anyways, and give a very modern and sophisticated look.

Slate Blends Modern and Old-Fashioned Aesthetics

Slate has been used in roofing since the invention of the steam engine, and Europe saw a slate boom in the late 1800s. Throughout Europe and North America, many smaller towns or downtown areas are entirely roofed in slate, and in these buildings we can see a certain antique-like effect. On the other hand, flat, smooth slate tiles give a look of clean modern geometric perfection, where the typical greys also lend an appearance that fits cleanly into the aesthetic of the modern city.

Ask Your Contractor for More Information

When you put in a new roof, whether on a brand new building or replacing an old one, consider slate for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Toronto slate roofing is an ever growing and evolving field, so be certain to find the best possible Toronto roofing companies to properly install it, and find out more about your options by asking your contractor. 


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