Vinyl Siding Installation in Toronto: Don’t be Misled!

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Vinyl siding has been somewhat controversial since it first started to be used in the 1950s, as an alternative to aluminum siding or wood siding. At that time, the technology available made it hard to blend properly, and the best chemical blends were not yet known - hand mixing made it difficult to get consistent results, and so the vinyl became notorious for cracking. However, the 1950s were a long time ago, and the techniques use to make it have come a long way, meaning that the pros shine through better and the cons are less pronounced. While it may not be for you, it may be worth rethinking your stance on vinyl siding installation in Toronto.

The Upsides of Vinyl

Vinyl siding will never need to be painted, as the colour comes from dyes mixed straight into the plastic. This saves you money on paint, and more money - or personal effort - on the painting job itself. Just pick a colour, and install. The vinyl itself is also much cheaper than wood siding, under half the cost of the same amount of cedar even before installation and painting costs.
What is more, an experienced group of builders can install vinyl siding very quickly - usually in a matter of days. It is, however, important to make sure you hire skilled contractors and workers, as poorly installed vinyl will suffer when exposed to temperature changes or intense weather.
In the event that your vinyl siding does break, replacing vinyl panels is easy to do, and can be handled by the average homeowner. Just get a new panel, unhook the damaged one from the nails, and replace it.

The Risks of Vinyl

Vinyl siding faced issues in the early days due to being such a new product, and its reputation suffered accordingly. While vinyl has come a long way in the last 65 years, that won’t mean anything if you purchase low-quality vinyl siding, or if it is improperly installed. Vinyl that is nailed tight to the wall will not be able to release moisture properly, and will be prone to buckling if it expands or contracts too rapidly. Vinyl will also require some maintenance - mostly in the form of cleaning. The colour will also fade over time, meaning that replacements may not match colour perfectly, though this can be worked around by swapping existing panels so that the new, mismatched one is out of sight, and out of mind.

Good Installation Is Key

If you decide on vinyl, whether to save money or effort, make sure you hire the best people to install it. Finding the best possible contractors will save you time, money, and tears in the long run. If something does go wrong, professionals are likely to offer guarantees on their services, while less high-quality groups may not. Look into past experiences from other customers, and see if you can find professional reviews of your potential contractor’s services - and do not flinch away from demanding their credentials if they seem suspect. With proper installation, you can get the most out of your vinyl siding installation in Toronto!


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