Why Reshingle my Roof? For Maintenance and Curb Appeal!

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Smart homeowners understand where the value points in their home reside; you can see them each year growing their most precious investment through prideful maintenance and constant care. If you’ve recently asked yourself "why reshingle my roof?”, then you’re likely closer to starting the project than you realize!
So, follow your intuition, and do some light diligence first; diagnose symptoms, weigh options, and then determine the best course for your conscience and pocket book.

First, Take a Look

What bothers you about what you see: discoloured, faded tiles? Can you see torn, curled, or missing tiles from street view? Start with binoculars to get a safe closer look; making notes (or sketch) of the occurrences and their types will help you choose an appropriate remedy; and have productive estimate discussions with a roofing professional.

Curb Appeal

If your need is simply to improve the crisp aesthetic curb appeal of your home, then a reshingle project is your most economical option for a roof well within its natural life. If your consideration is prospective buyers, you may want to choose the beauty and durability provided by a slate shingle roof; with a lifetime of 80+ years!
For traditional elegance, you cannot beat the styling of a red cedar wood-shingled home.
Maintaining your roof is an important part of staying competitive in the market. More importantly, real estate professionals advise that the ‘unfinished’ look of a roof will cost a seller thousands in market perception of the home.

Combining Projects

For increased negotiating leverage, it’s wise to consider combining related projects with a reshingle or new roof installation. Waterproofing, eaves troughs, skylights, and leaf guards are just a few of the other quoted items your roofing professional should be able to manage for you.

Preventative Maintenance

Professionals recommend you perform an exterior roof inspection minimally each year; reviewing for:
  • Excess or crumbling roofing cement.
  • Decayed, stained, crumbling, or deteriorating soffits.
  • Buckled, torn, split, or punctured flashing.
  • Missing, torn, buckled, or curled shingles.
  • Missing tarpaper roofing.

Remember to Inspect the Interior

After a thorough ground-level review of the exterior, remember to look for interior symptoms that may go uncovered for years; if your annual review is limited to exterior visible damage. Catching well-hidden problems early can save you thousands down the road and give you peace of mind; in your 15 minute review look for these indicators:
  • Water in your attic after heavy rain or an ice buildup
  • Mold or mildew growth in the attic
  • Visible stains on interior walls or ceilings (remember closets and rarely used rooms)
It’s recommended you always seek the review of a professional even if you’ll be doing the work yourself. While light residential roof repair may appear to be the case, the insurance of a professional opinion is well worth the time; most will do an inspection free of charge.
The reasons why you should reshingle your roof are about value and longevity. Whether you‘re considering an asphalt flat roof project or a new roof installation project with slate or cedar shingle, find a trusted roofing professional early in the process. It’s their business to ensure you get the most out of your house - as an investment and a family home.  


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