Successful Winter Roofing Projects in Toronto.

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Torontonians remember the devastation of the ‘2013 Ice Storm’. Lost power, downed trees, and home damage; mostly to roofs struck by falling limbs and trees. If you’re planning to do a new roof, or roofing repairs this winter in Toronto, here’s everything you’ll need to know to be successful, even in an ice storm.
Winter is a great time to install a new roof or to address roofing repairs. Contractors can offer better deals in winter because their demand isn’t as high as it is in summer.
Most residential roofing repairs are designed to stop leaks, or to replace lost or damaged shingles. Homeowners should always consider the condition of the whole roof as repairs can often lead to a new roof.
TIP: If repairs are enough to address the issue, make sure the shingles you’ll need are still available. Roofing contractors will respond to emergency roof repairs whenever you need them. They can determine the type of repair needed and will advise on the condition of the whole roof at the same time.
Residential new roof installation is a fast and non-invasive procedure; it can easily be performed in winter. The old roofing is removed, the roof is prepped and the new covering is installed; often in the same day.
The choices of coverings (shingles) are varied, based on esthetics, the value the roofing adds to your home, the price and the durability of the materials used. The term ‘shingle’ refers to any covering which overlaps, regardless of what the material it’s made of.
The most common types of roofing in Toronto include:
Wooden (cedar roofing) – The most popular type of wooden shingle is the red cedar. With a 30-year life, cedar shingles benefit from ‘breathing’ - the ability to dry out from below. The cost is considered high, as are the esthetics and the value cedar roofing adds to your home.
Slate Roofing – is a great choice to add esthetics and value, to your home. Coordinating easily with stonework, or with any exterior treatment, slate offers exceptional life spans that range from 80 to 400 years. With outstanding protection and durability against all forms of weather and an ease of maintenance, slate shingles can be costly. The finest slate comes from Australia, Wales and Spain. 
Roof Shingles (asphalt) – are the most common form of shingle, made from bitumen and ceramic grit embedded in a fiberglass matt. They are considered the cheapest alternative, but add very little to the esthetic or the value of your home. The average lifespan of asphalt shingles varies.
Flat Roofing Repair or Installation – Many fine Toronto homes have flat roofs, covered with a tar (or tar paper) and gravel (called pitch). Flat roofs use a waterproof membrane under tar and pitch. The gravel protects the tar from the sun’s rays, so most flat roofing damage is caused by accidental movement of the gravel, exposing the tar to the sun. Repairs may be as simple as new tar and pitch in the exposed areas, but if leaks are occurring, a completely new ‘membrane, tar and pitch’ application may be necessary. The durability is limited, and re-application is often needed in a homeowner’s life. The advantage of flat roofing is the increased interior space of the home.
Winter roofing should be done by a professional. Contact a trusted contractor in Toronto today and have your home prepared for the harsh weather conditions this season.



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